People move at different speeds.

Struggle to appreciate ancient crafts.

That today.

Guangzhou friends. Tourist trap. 加油

You are old today. Braces, baby pink and beige.

In malls gone.

You, move?

Skirted corridors, bags of noodles, rice and noodles, nylon nature.

Exit to wireless road.

Tired thumb.

Where there some efficiency error?

Corrupted, fast.


The urban room. Eyes for rats and roaches.


Ready already, we are. Together, we old. Opportunity and duo dream. No paying taxes we this late.

Stars yer mountain down. Flashes your lunar hike. Your care less day, silent upon bed bears.

Flying, super soon. The sea you sea star. Away with the fairies. Most, minus means.


With ink you on, Jane’s street.

Sacked eh? Your concept.

Exiled in Stanley, Pisano pizza.

Uniform, be.


We writing no since you, enjoying the –


And out your golden bed. Opportunities lot, repeats no.

Big days of your eyes decline. Expelled light between chests rushed crowd. As home, we await not news. This is not our longhaul, long lost amongst.

How old of wanting without? Here the stage left, some time. Your mad dogs for the summer sun. Loving to needing for work.

Here you fret before. Always late for you says. Your bubble, our bubble. Our all knowing.

Here, in the country.
Big for town. And on the other side, sick for you.


You’ve words enough of our side. Ball bore. And your routine good, they break. Your shine less bar yellow sails, towing the unknown.

People here for life. 3d wedge. How have you not have yet? Loose he. Your Yunnan clear.


Waters jet as clouds shift, in varying leaves.

Typhoon traffic avoid.

You are always off on the wrong foot.


That satin blue you over, of Arabia the sands. And them in solar sphere, exotic flare. Conditioning high, and we haven’t the shine. I should pay you back, someday.


Who, ache for you, always. San shi san old, aging. Your aerial roots two. How confused, making?


You’ve won enough as we speak not. Crimson sleep. You the world, knife. And we not, but our status. Yet your persistence in growth, blinds us.


Here your flat land green. Your grey sky eye. You pass within silver domes, minus death, and revitalise our care. John, amongst the fields hours back. John the future for. The things we see.

Here, the same as everywhere. Ears open

How many miles for you, little house. On the corner.


24/7 noodling. Night noodles.